forecast of solar storms for 3 days by the hour

Geomagnetic storms today

The geomagnetic disturbance of our planet is one of the most important elements of "cosmic weather". For meteodependent people strong geomagnetic storm, lasting from several hours to several days, can be a real problem. Heliobiology studies the influence of magnetic disturbances on the activity of humans and other living organisms.

Forecast of magnetic storms / greenwich mean time zone UTC+0

Time (UTC+0)
  • calm magnetosphere
  • tense magnetosphere
  • magnetospheric storm


KP-index is planetary index of the Earth’s magnetic field deflection from the norm during three-hours interval.

What is the geomagnetic storm?

Some people start to feel magnetic storms 1-2 days before, i.e. during solar flares, in fact having reaction on solar storms but other feel weakness and fatigue in the peak phase of planet’s geomagnetic field disturbance.

Disturbance of the earth magnetic field influence many areas of the human activities directly. Among them: instability of communications systems, interferences in navigation system, appearance of eddy induction currents in the transformers and even destruction of power systems. And despite the fact that till today wasn’t scientifically confirmed that magnetic storms influence negatively vital functions of all people on the planet, according to partially or fully recognized publications many people feel influence these exposures of the space weather on their general condition and health.

For more precise forecast of geomagnetic storms choose your city.

Peaks of magnetic storms depend on the time zone, it is important to choose region for accurate determination of hours of the highest sun activity.


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